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Dr Matt Parker, BSc, MSc, PhD


Principal Investigator

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James Clay, BSc, MRes, MSc


PhD Student

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Barbara Dotto Fontana, BSc, MSc


PhD Student

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Nancy Alnassar, BSc, MSc


PhD Student

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Madeleine Cleal


PhD Student

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Roxana Mezabrovschi, BSc


MRes Student

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Kiera Baker


MRes Student

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Alistair Gibbon

Alistair carried out an MRes working on the impact of pH on zebrafish behaviour and responses to pharmacological agents.


Lisa Johns

Lisa completed an MRes project which studied the effects of social inequalities on health and behavioural parameters using zebrafish as a translational species.


Ancy Abraham

Ancy worked with us as an Undergrad student on electronic cigarette use and craving/addiction. She is now studying medicine at University of East Anglia.


We are always interested in hearing from potential PhD or MRes students, and have a variety of projects available.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a great idea for a project that fits with our interests!