New Website & Rebranding

Linear Logo

Stacked Logo.

We are pleased to announce and excited to show off our new website and re-branding. 


After much consideration we decided that the best thing for the research team was to move away from  the 'Parker Lab' brand towards the more inclusive Brain & Behaviour Lab. We think that the new logo really encapsulates our research interests and  presents us professionally. 


On the new website, we plan to keep you updated through the Lab News page by regularly posting about the 'goings-on' within the lab, projects and the research team. Also, keep and eye on the Research Digest section, where we will disseminate our research into 'bite-size chunks'


The old website will still be active through the transition and into the near future, while we work on putting the finishing touches on the new site.


Lastly, we would like to thank James for designing the new logo and putting together the new website for us.